Published Work

The following is a small portfolio of my previously published work that is currently available online.

Seattle 2110

Science fiction poem deeply rooted in the PNW and my high school years. Owes a fair bit to Blade Runner and Clockwork Orange as well. Polu Texni is a great magazine, with lots of interesting voices, check out some of their other offerings while you’re there.

The Ghost of Sigma-Chi

This piece is deeply rooted in my time at University, and reflects a lot of stories both true and rumor that I heard through the years. It wanted to do a take on the haunted house story and maybe represent fraternities in a more positive light than they’re typically seen in media. I never pledged, but I spent a lot of time in various greek houses and made some lifelong friends with the people I met there.

The Parasite

Inspired by the work of David Lynch. Warning graphic content.

Beyond The Rings

This poem surprises me when I read it because I wonder how I did it. It’s the kind of poem I wish I could write more of. It meshes genres and has a creeping ambiguity to it that leaves me just wanting more from the author…who happens to be myself. I am obsessed with off-world colonization, particularly on the moons of our own solar system.


This poem was inspired by an NPR report about the ivory trade and the rangers who combat it. I learned that officials burned the ivory they confiscated, and the image stuck with me of these beautiful statues in flames, bathed in the setting African sun. The notion to frame this image as a video came from my love of found footage horror films like The Blair Witch Project or Cannibal Holocaust. Conservation is a cause very close to my heart, and to this poem. Published in Devilfish alongside Beyond the Rings.

Chernobyl Nights

I’ve long been fascinated with abandoned and derelict places. This poem, about Pripyat and what’s left of the city today is one of my favorite pieces of my own work. It was recently published in Polu Texni.

The Masked Tinker

This poem, also featured at Polu Texni, blends short story and poetry together to make something very different from my other work. It took inspiration from The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and from Stephen King’s The Wind Through the Keyhole.


This one is about reincarnation and the stories we tell as children, with minds uninhibited.

Far Out on the Surf

A Lovecraft inspired poem about seeing the impossible and the limits of human belief.


This is a re-telling of 1,001 Nights I wrote for a themed magazine. It was roundly rejected and sat on the shelf for over a year. I re-tooled it as a poem and it found a home over at NewMyths and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate place.

Going Under, Heir, Belasis & Hastur

These three poems were all featured in Neon issue 42. ‘Going Under’ was nominated for the 2016 Forward Prize for Best Single Poem.

And then the stars…

First published in The Pedestal Magazine, this poem went on to be nominated for the 2016 Rhysling Award for Best Long Form Poem.

The King (A Masquerade)

Written exclusively for the Non-Binary Review’s ‘King in Yellow issue’, this is one of my favorite pieces of my own work. It draws heavy inspiration from Robert W. Chambers novel as well as the Stanley Kubrick film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.