About Me

I was driven to writing out of a kind of desperation, wishing a certain story or poem existed, seeking them out, finding nothing, and finally opting to write the thing myself. JD Salinger says something similar in one of my favorite quotes.

I am a huge fan of weird and speculative fiction, especially where they merge with real life human drama and psychology.

Writing to me is a kind of sharing and this is a place to share poems, flash fiction, fragments, and essays that might not fit the mold of established magazines or anthologies. I will probably post a few rejects here and there as well. From time to time you’ll see meta posts about the craft of writing itself, my experiences, or advice.

If you are a writer, whether new or well experienced, feel free to contact me, I love reading others work and discussing the process/business of writing. I will also soon be looking to feature guest posts, if you have a good idea please reach out at the address below.

I have been lucky enough to see my work appear in various literary journals including Neon, NewMyths, and The Pedestal Magazine. In 2015 I was a Forward Prize nominee. My poem and then the stars… was featured in the 2016 Rhysling Anthology.

Contact: MWMani@gmail.com

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