The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Full length. 8 Men, 2 Women, 10 Extras

It was a rainy day when Robert Olmsted  decided to take a detour through the decayed and worm-eaten town of Innsmouth, MA. There he discovered a town overtaken by poverty, greed, and perhaps forces from beyond the stars.

This full length adaptation seeks to offer more explanation towards the motivations of the Order of Dagon as well as the Innsmouth locals.

Written by Mack W. Mani,
based on the novella by H.P. Lovecraft

The Harlan House

One Act. 2 Women, 4 Men.

Set during The Great Depression, Harlan House is a story of horror, faith, and a sister’s love for her brother.

Darla Kane hasn’t been home in years, but when she and her husband return to her family’s aging farmhouse, in the midst of a dust storm, she finds all is not as it seems. Is her brother’s soul truly under the influence of demonic forces, or has he simply succumb to the pressures of economic and agricultural collapse?

Written by Mack W. Mani,
based on a story by Mack W. Mani and Sam A. Macy.